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Rosca Therapeutic Massage- a relaxing experience in your life


“Deep Tissue Massage – in comparison, I would have to rate him as one of the best. Very professional with great communication to ensure you are getting the most out of the massage. I continue to work with him and would highly recommend him to any of my friends.


I learned about Mihail from one of my co-workers. After a hard day at work a relaxing massage is like a blessing for me, it helps me relieve my body from the stress accumulated day by day. Massage Therapy is not Mihail's profession, it's his vocation. I already recommended him to some of my friends.

Diana R. 

"As a happy client of Mihail I am confident to say that he is one of the best and talented therapists in Massachusetts. He is very intuitive and expert in the Massage Bodywork. Highly recommend!"


"Mihail has studied with me over the course of the past year, attending 48 hours of seminar type training. He was always prepared for the work, curious to learn more, and wonderful with sharing what he was learning with other students. He is a wonderful human being, compassionate, kind and generous. His bodywork is is an extension of these qualities. His skills and understanding of human anatomy are exemplary. I recommend Mihail unreservedly."


M. Rosca is very strong, and knows how to heal -- he's a fantastic massage therapist!


He was very thorough in helping me get to the root of my problem. I had been experiencing back pain for a long time. Since my visit I have not had any more pain. He was very professional and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him.


Thank you for the wonderful massage and attention to my problem areas. I appreciate the time you took to explain them to me.


I've had probably a hundred massages since I began my sports-injury related physical therapy in 2002 - ranging from deep tissue treatments in a sports rehab training room to soul-stirring outdoor rubs in the red mountains vortex of Sedona to swank Mandarin Oriental treatments with organic scrubs and exotic oils to platza treatments at Turkish steams. I feel as though I've found a true gem with Mihail, who is currently tucked away in Woburn, Mass.
What you have with Mihail is a true professional and gentleman who has mastered his craft. The techniques he uses are unique and effective. I've committed to seeing him regularly and this is not due to him being located in a lush venue, using fancy products, or offering up a twelve-page menu of specialized treatments, rather its about his ability to connect and heal. Mihail is the most intuitive masseur I've encountered and treats each session as a unique opportunity to share his healing gift with his clients. Without hesitation, I'd say that his massages are truly the best that this region has to offer.
Do not hesitate to book your next massage with Mihail Rosca. I strongly recommend extended time (2 hours +) to allow him time to really focus on any specific areas that require attention.

Jim T.

Cristian P.  Allston, MA  1/30/2015

The man is a healer, he knows his stuff, and he will fix you up. He's friendly, accommodating (fit me in the same day when I got injured), and very knowledgeable (problems that had been plaguing me for years he was able to isolate and explain). No reservations, great therapist !


Heather Sulvian  Woburn MA  2/17/2015

I initially came to Mihail Rosca seeking relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain associated with posture and my work.  He is very professional and his skill has helped me maintain a level of comfort that I had not previously been able to achieve.  The office is clean and hours are flexible with weekend availability.  I highly recommend Rosca Therapeutic Massage.

Mike M. Woburn, MA


I'm really glad I found Rosca Therapeutic Massage. I've had neck and shoulder issues for a while which have stopped me from doing all of the physical activities that I want to do and Mihail has been unbelievable with what he has done for me.

It is by far the best and most beneficial massage I've ever gotten plus the stretches and knowledge Mihail passes along to you afterwards allows you to keep working toward your goal of feeling better even when you don't come in for a session. If you have any trouble spots or if you just need to loosen tight muscles this is the place to go!

Deborah M. Ludlow, MA


My daughter is a gymnast at the national training center in Burlington, MA.  She has some trouble with flexibility in her legs, back and shoulders.  Since she has been going to Rosca on a weekly basis for sports massage, her flexibility has improved significantly in such a short time (3 weeks).  He allows parents to go into the room and he always asks permission if he could work on certain areas of her body.  He constantly asks my daughter throughout the session if the pressure is ok.  He takes massage therapy to another level in the sense that he provides exercises and stretches to do at home during the week before going to the next session.  He stresses the importance of doing the homework in order for the massage to be effective.