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Indulge yourself with on-site massage therapy from Rosca Massage Therapy. An experienced massage therapist will help you break away from every day stress and bring total relaxation and balance in the comfort of your home. 




Mihail Rosca has over 15 years of experience in the massage therapy field and clients appreciate his firm, strong touch, his intuition, and his specific knowledge of anatomy.


He is experienced and trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point modalities, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage. He integrates a variety of therapeutic techniques into all his sessions.


Mihail's philosophy towards massage is to educate his clients on body awareness and being proactive in maintaining good health. He believes it is important to be instrumental towards his clients healing process and well being.


Mihail graduated from the Medical College from Moldova and also completed the Massage School in Acton,MA. He is a licensed massage therapist and member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Proffessionals.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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